About Us

What is XOBDO?By: Bikram M Baruah
'XOBDO' (means sound or word in Assamese) is a non-profit organization formed with a group of volunteers located in various parts of the globe with the common interest of promoting the languages of the North-East India in the cyberworld. Members of Xobdo are voluntarily collaborating to construct and maintain this website.

In March, 2006 the Xobdo team began working on the online English and Assamese bidirectional dictionary. Currently, Xobdo has a number of North-Eastern languages included in its dictionary.
XOBDO is a Living DictionaryBy: Bikram M Baruah
XOBDO.ORG is a living 'descriptive dictionary'. Volunteers like you are continuously discussing and attempting to describe and document the words, their meanings and spellings as they are used and understood by people at present time. You can also participate in these discussions and be part of this endevour.
How can you help?By: Bikram M Baruah
If you speak any of the languages listed on the Xobdo homepage, you can help us by contributing words of your language. Registering yourself at Xobdo is free and easy. Once you are registered you can start adding words from your language. Moreover, if you speak any of the North-Eastern languages not listed at Xobdo and still you want to build an online dictionary, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Objectives of Xobdo.orgBy: Bikram M Baruah
1. Promote Assamese, Bodo, Mising, Karbi, Dimasa, Khasi, Meeteilon, Mizo, Hmar and other languages of the North-East India worldwide through the internet.
2. Cooperate constructively with all possible quarters to build online dictionaries, word corpus, learning tools and other linguistic resources of the concerned languages.
3. Construct and maintain websites to cater to the above needs.
4. Publish electronic and conventional media to cater to the above needs.
On-Going Projects (2010)By: Bikram M Baruah
1. Online Dictionary
2. Essay Competition Series
3. Xophura Xobolikoron Asoni
4. Preparing "Learn Assamese" course materials. Click here

If you are interested to help and participate in these projects please contact us at admin@xobdo.org