Lesson-0104 : Revision 1 : January 2011

By: Webmaster
This lesson is designed to revise the alphabets we learned so far. In Assamese, there are few letters that are phonetically almost identical. We will review them as well.

Same Sound Letters/Symbols:

Assamese Letters/SymbolsEnglish SoundComments
ই, ঈ, ি, ী
i as in `ink`
Often we mistake and make distinction of ই vs. ঈ or ি vs. ী. However, in Assamese Phonetics, they actually have the same sound.
ঋ, ৰি, ৃ
Like "re" in `release`
The sound of ঋ in Assamese is not as strong as it is in other Indian languages. So the sound almost resembles that of simple ৰি

The alphabets we learned so far are highlighted in the following list...