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Make Assamese visible in Firefox or Internet Explorer

This is a guide to make your computer enable to display Assamese letters and Juktakshors flawlessly.

PART 1: for Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox then follow the following steps.
STEP 1: Download Unicode compatible Lohit Assamese 

STEP 2: Copy these two fonts and paste it on C:\Windows\fonts\ folder.

STEP 3: Go to the TOOLS in the menu bar (for linux one should click on the EDIT) and click on OPTIONS

STEP 4: Select DEFAULT FONT as Lohit. Fore more options, click on CONTENT and then on ADVANCED…

STEP 5: Click on the FONTS FOR option and select Assamese/Bengali from the drop down menu.

STEP 6: If the fonts are smaller in size, then increase the font size for PROPORTIONAL, and MONOSPACE as per your convenience
The above process is very simple and will make your computer enable to display Assamese letters and juktakshors correctly in Mozilla Firefox.

PART 2: for Internet Explorer

In case of Internet Explorer you have to go to

The problem in displaying Assamese letters and Juktakshors in Internet Explorer should be resolved by selecting UNICODE (UTF-8). However, if you face any more problems then go through the following steps.
STEP 2: Go to the TOOLS in the menu bar of the Internet Explorer and click INTERNET OPTIONS


STEP 4: Click and add ASSAMESE / BENGALI from the list and click OK

STEP 5:Again, click the FONTS button on the INTERNET OPTIONS menu
STEP 6:Then select ASSAMESE / BENGALI for the LANGUAGE SCRIPT option.
Finally, select Lohit fonts for WEBPAGE FONT and PLAIN TEXT FONT. Click OK to see the Assamese letters and Juktakshors correctly on the webpages.

With this simple customization, Assamese letters and juktakshors will be clearly visible in your computer both in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.