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How to type in Unicode (Assamese, Bodo, Manipuri etc)?

Once your computer is properly configured for Unicode display, you may like to write or type in Unicode. There are a lots of free software available in the internet that enables to do so. Two most common software that supports Indic scripts are:

Alternatively, you can use XOBDO's online SmartKeyboard 1.0

This is an in-built javascript of the xobdo.org that detect the language and script that you intend to type and assign appropriate keyboard layout link Assamese, Bengali, Devnagari or Roman. Click here for more details.


1. Assamese Phonetic Keyboard for Mac OS
2. Assamese Phonetic Keyboard for Avro
3. IME based Assamese Unicode Typing Tools
4. Assamese Phonetic Keyboard for Windows 7 & Windows 8