Assamese: অধোবস্ত্ৰ (o.dho’.bos.tro, IPA: ɔ.dʰɔ’.bɔs.tɹɔ)
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[Material Noun , Neuter] the traditional garment of men's wear in South Asia, especially India. It is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually around 5 yards long, wrapped about the waist and the legs, and knotted at the waist.

পুৰুষে কঁকালত পিন্ধা কাপোৰ
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Synonyms and Equivalent Words:
English: dhoti (ˈdoʊtiː;ধুতি),
Assamese: চুৰিয়া (su.ri.ya), ধুতি (dhu.ti), ভুনি (,
Mising: ugon,
Meeteilon: feijom,
Dimasa: gainthauh,
Tai: ফা-নয়, ফা-ৰেম,
Deori: ইকুঁ ( ikung)
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