Dictionary entry: আৱেশ(Language: Assamese; Transcription: awex)
Related words: আৱেশত আৱেশেৰেই

Meaning 1:(Abstract Noun) Production of an electric or magnetic state by the proximity (without contact) of an electrified or magnetized body
চুম্বকীকৰণ বা চুম্বকীয় আৱেশ

English: induction
Assamese: আৱেশ
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Meaning 2:(Verbal Noun) A general interest that leads people to want to know more.
কিবা জানিবলৈ একাগ্ৰভাৱে মন দিয়া কাৰ্য্য|
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Related Ideas: attention-getting catchy প্ৰণিধানযোগ্য

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