Cuculus variussci (English) [ IPA: Cuculus varius ASM: কুকুলাচ ভাৰিয়াচ]
Contributed by: Bikram M Baruah on 2009-05-22
1. (Common Noun-Common) A medium size bird [13 in (33 cm); 3.6 oz (104 g)] with banded trails, bars on the abdomen and flanks. It has loud, shrieking call, often heard singing at night with a bright moon. Can be found in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. It feeds in insects, including caterpillars, termites, grasshoppers, beetles; they also eat fruits and berries. Arboreal and secretive foragers. অসমীয়া জনজীৱনৰ এটি চিনাকী চৰাই