Guwahati (English) [ IPA: [Guwahati] ASM: গুৱাহাটী]
Contributed by: Rupam Kumar Sharma on 2006-07-12
1. Place(Proper Noun) A major city in North-East India. Known as the gateway to the North-East. Coordinates:26.17°N 91.77°E Area: (GMC)216 km² Elevation: 55 m Time zone:IST(UTC+5:30) Population :(2001):808,021 Population Density:3935 persons per/km² Postal Codes - 781xxx Telephone Codes-(91)361 Vehicle Codes- AS-01

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English: Guwahati,
Assamese: গুৱাহাটী,
Bodo: गुवाहाटी

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a. Proper Noun: gauhati, গৌহাটী...