Moinul Haque (English) [ IPA: [Moinul] [Haque]]
Contributed by: Bikram M Baruah on 2008-04-14
1. PersonalitiesDrama(Proper Noun-Masculine) A well known Mime artist of Assam. He started acting in 1970 as a mono-actor and soon formed a group called "Sound and Comedy". A self-taught mime artist, Moinul soon discovered his hidden talents. He works with a vision and the themes that his repertoire highlights champion the marginalized moments of crises in diverse characters and gives them a graphic exactitude. Ranging over these areas he has given thousands of performances throughout the country and has succeeded in winning accolades everywhere. In 1991 he founded the "Mime Academy" where he willingly share his expertise and experience. This is the first institution for mime in the area of North-East India that has produced a number of mime actors, whose work has already shown results with great confidence. Moinul Haque is a Senior Fellowship holder in the field of mime from the Department of Culture, Government of India for his earnest, immense work with the children from the Deaf and Dumb School at Guwahati. Moinul has acted as a Resource person for the Center for Cultural Resources and Training, New Delhi, under the Central Government. Under the banner of this organization, he has given a number of lecture -demonstrations at the various places in India. Besides this, Moinul is a regular visiting expert for various acting institutions in the North-East of India.
English: Moinul Haque,
Assamese: মইনুল হক

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