Notopterus kapiratnotoriety

Notopterus notopterussci (English) [ IPA: Notopterus notopterus ASM: ন’ট’পটেৰুচ ন’ট’পটেৰুচ]
Contributed by: Biraj Kumar Kakati on 2009-02-10
1. Fish(Common Noun-Common) A small flat fish, wide on the chest and narrow on the tail side. It`s a bony fish and the whole body is covered with small scales. It has a continuous fin along the underside formed by a joining of the caudal and anal fin, and has a very small dorsal fin. A mature fish is generally 6-8 inch long. It`s widely spread in the south-east Asia specially in North-East India. গাত সৰু সৰু বগা বাকলি থকা, চেপেটা, বুকুৰ ফালে বহল, নেজৰ ফালে চিয়াঁ এবিধ কাঁইটীয়া মাছ ইয়াৰ বিশেষ গুণ এই যে-ই বন্ধ পানীতো কণী পাৰি পোনা জগাব পাৰে; বয়সত এমুঠনমান দীঘল হয় ।