Puntius saranapunu

Puntius ticto (English) [ IPA: Puntius ticto ASM: পুণ্টিউচ টিক্টো]
Contributed by: Atul Ch. Kakoti on 2010-06-13
1. Fish(Common Noun-Common) Ticto Barb, Twospot Barb or Puntius ticto is a kind of freshwater small fish. It has two black spots, one is just behind the gills and another is on the back just before the fin with silver and golden colored . It is belonging to the minnow family (Cyprinidae). Generally found in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. এবিধ সৰু বাকলি থকা পুঠী মাছ ৷ সাধাৰণতে এইবিধ মাছৰ গাত দুটা কলা ফোঁট থাকে ৷ এটা ইয়াৰ ঠিক গালৰ পাচফালে আৰু আনটো শেষৰ ফিছাখনৰ আগত থাকে ৷