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Surinam spinach (English) [ IPA: [Surinam] ˈspɪnɪtʃ ASM: চুৰিনাম স্পিনাচ্]
Contributed by: Michel H. Porcher on 2012-03-18
1. Plants(Common Noun-Common) The Malabar Spinach is a common vagetable in tropical Africa and southeast Asia, where it originated. Only the young leaves are eaten. To prepare, boil and discard water. Young leaves can be added to a green salad. এবিধ লতা জাতীয় ডাঙৰ ডাঙৰ পাতযুক্ত বিজলুৱা শাক৷ ই দুবিধ, এবিধ ৰঙা আৰু আন বিধ সেউজীয়া ৷