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Weaver ant (English) [ IPA: ˈwiːvər ˈænt ASM: উইভাৰ এণ্ট]
Contributed by: Atul Ch. Kakoti on 2009-07-08
1. Insect-Worm(Common Noun-Neuter) Weaver ants or Green ants are genus of Oecophylla. they are known for their remarkable cooperative behaviour used in nest construction. They like to stay in a colonial life. Oecophylla weaver ants vary in color from reddish to yellowish brown dependent on the species. Ants and their larvae are eaten in different parts of the world. In areas of India, and throughout Burma and Thailand, a paste of the green weaver ant is served as a condiment with curry. গছৰ পাত গোটাই বাহ সজা এবিধ ৰঙ্গচীয়া পৰুৱা৷ বিশেষকৈ আম গছৰ ওপৰত এইবিধ পৰুৱাই বেছিকৈ বাহ সজা দেখা যায়৷ সেয়েহে ইয়াক আমৰলি পৰুৱা বুলি কোৱা হয় ৷ ইয়াৰ সৰু সৰু পোৱালি টোপবোৰ পৃথিৱীৰ বিভিন্ন ঠাইৰ মানুহে খাদ্য হিচাবেও ব্যৱহাৰ কৰে৷
English: Green ant, Weaver ant,
Assamese: আমৰলি,
Dimasa: keresma