alin (Karbi)
Contributed by: মৰ্ণিংকে ফাংচ` (Morningkeey Phangcho) on 2008-08-21
1. (Material Noun-Neuter) A weighing device, especially one consisting of a rigid beam horizontally suspended by a low-friction support at its center, with identical weighing pans hung at either end, one of which holds an unknown weight while the effective weight in the other is increased by known amounts until the beam is level and motionless. এডাল মাৰিৰ দুমূৰে দূখন চালনী বা ডলাৰ আকৃতিৰ সাজ ওলোমাই বস্তু জোখা যতন; কেতিয়াবা এডাল কাঁটাৰ সহায়ত সমতুল্য হৈছেনে নাই চোৱা হয়|