aqua-regia (English) [ IPA: aqua-regia ASM: একুৱা-ৰিজিয়া]
Contributed by: Rupankar Mahanta on 2008-02-29
1. (Abstract Noun) Aqua regia (Latin for royal water) is a highly corrosive, fuming yellow or red acid solution. The mixture is formed by freshly mixing concentrated nitric acid (HNO3) and concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCl), usually in a volumetric ratio of one to three respectively. It is one of the few reagents that dissolves gold and platinum. It was so named because it can dissolve the so-called royal, or noble metals, although tantalum, iridium, and a few other metals are able to withstand it. তিনিভাগ হাইড্ৰক্ল’ৰিক এচিডত এভাগ নাইট্ৰিক এচিড মিহলাই তৈয়াৰ কৰা মিশ্ৰণ যিটোৰ অম্লতাই সোণ আৰু প্লেটিনামৰ দৰে ধাতুকো গলাব পাৰে
English: aqua-regia,
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