gad fly (English) [ IPA: ˈgæd ˈflaɪ ASM: গেড ফ্লাই]
Contributed by: Atul Ch. Kakoti on 2009-06-04
1. Insect-Worm(Common Noun) A fly of genus Hypoderma. It is slightly larger than house fly and are parasitic on cattle. Adults are large, hairy, bee-like and brown. গৰু মহ আদিৰ তেজপিঁয়া ঘৰুৱা মাখিতকৈ অলপ ডাঙৰ বিধৰ মাখি ৷
English: bomb fly, gad fly, heel fly, warble fly,
Assamese: ডাঁহ,
Bodo: दांसो,
Dimasa: jabrang