hilengdum (Karbi)
Contributed by: মৰ্ণিংকে ফাংচ` (Morningkeey Phangcho) on 2011-09-14
1. Insect-Worm(Common Noun-Common) Dung beetles are beetles that feed partly or exclusively on feces. Dung beetles live in many different habitats, including desert, farmland, forest, and grasslands. They do not like extremely cold or dry weather. They occur on all continents except Antarctica. ক’লা ৰঙৰ, গোবৰ বা অন্যান্য মল জাতিয় বস্তুৰ মাজত বাস কৰা এবিধ পতঙ্গ৷
English: beetle, dung beetle, Lucanus mazama,
Assamese: গুবৰুৱা,
Bodo: खिब्रमा,
Mising: nu:nung,
Khasi: u trydiap,
Garo: bokchit,
Karbi: hilengdum, ingket,
Dimasa: kitongma