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red wattled lapwing (English) [ IPA: ˈred ˈwɑtəld ˈlæpˌwɪŋ ASM: ৰেড ৱেটলেড লেপৱিং]
Contributed by: Mousumi Hazarika on 2008-02-19
1. Bird(Common Noun) It is a large, noisy, water bird in the family Charadriidae. It is common in Indian subcontinent and can be found in whole of Asia. Its wings and back are light brown, but head and chest and front part of neck are black. A red fleshy wattle is seen in front of each eye. A black-tipped red bill is found and its long legs are yellow coloured. A white patch is seen in belly and also in neck. Short tail is tipped black.It is usually found in pairs in well-watered open country, grazing land,ploughed fields etc. It can be easily recognised by its call 'did-ye-do-it '.