residue (English) [ IPA: ˈrezəˌduː ASM: ৰেচিডু]
Contributed by: Anjali Sonowal on 2009-03-02
1. (Material Noun-Neuter) a part of something that is left after using, removing or destroying the bigger part. কোনো বস্তু ব্যৱহাৰ,ধ্বংস কৰা বা আঁতৰোৱাৰ পিছতো ৰৈ যোৱা অংশবিশেষ|

Contributed by: debojeet thaosen on 2009-03-08
2. (Material Noun-Neuter) the residue of what remains of the ingredients after making and extraction of the rice beer
English: residue,
Dimasa: jugap

Related Idea:

a. Material Noun-Neuter: country liquor, rice beer, আপং, দেশীয় মদ, লাও পানী...