Sida acutasida-sidi

sida cordifolia (English) [ IPA: sida cordifolia ASM: চিডা কৰ্ডিফ’লিয়া]
Contributed by: Anjal Borah (অঞ্জল বৰা) on 2009-10-27
1. (Common Noun) This species is globally distributed in the Pantropics. Within India, it is found throughout the hotter parts upto an altitude of 1050 m. Sida cordifolia, commonly known as bala, is a plant in the family Malvaceae. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been investigated as an anti-inflammatory, for treating cancer, and for encouraging liver re-growth. It acts as a stimulant within the central nervous system. It is also used as a fat-burning supplement. এবিধ ঔষধি সৰু জোপোহা গছ।