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English: neat (ˈniːt;নিট্)
Contexts: General
[Proper Adj.] maintained or one who maintains things in a manner easily accessable and looks neat

[IdeaID=6700] Contributed By: Bikram M Baruah (2008-02-04 21:12:36)
Synonyms and Equivalent Words:
English: orderly (orderly;অৰ্ডাৰলী), tidy (ˈtaɪdiː;টাইডি),
Assamese: নিয়াৰি (ni.ya.ri), পৰিপাটি (po.ri.pa.ti) alt. পৰিপাটী (po.ri.pa.ti), চিজিল (si.jil) alt. ছিজিল (si.jil), শৃংখলাৱদ্ধ (sring.kho.la.bod.dho) alt. শৃংখলাবদ্ধ (sring.kho.la.bod.dho), টিপটপ (tip.top)
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