Bamboo WallBamboosa tulda

Bamboosa bambossci (English) [ IPA: bamboosa bambos ASM: বামব’চা বেম্বুচ]
Contributed by: Pankaj Borah (পঙ্কজ বৰা) on 2008-08-08
1. (Common Noun-Common) It is used as raw material for pulp and paper, to make panel products and handicrafts, and for thatching and roofing. Attains the best growth in moist deciduous forests up to an altitude of 1000 metres. Prefers rich and moist soil, and thrives near perennial rivers and valleys. Found almost throughout India, and is common in Central and South India. অসমত উৎপন্ন হোৱা, সততে উপলব্ধ আৰু ব্যৱহৃত হোৱা এজাতি বাঁহ৷