Dictionary entry: Borassus flabellifer(Language: English; IPA: Borassus flabellifer; Assamese: বৰাচুচ ফ্লাবেলিফেৰ)

Meaning 1:Tree(Common Noun) Borassus flabellifer, is robust and can live 100 years or more and reach a height of 30 m, with a canopy of leaves several dozen fronds spreading 3 meters across. The large trunk resembles that of the coconut tree and is ringed with leaf scars. Young palmyra palms grow slowly in the beginning but then grow faster. Its growth pattern, large size, and clean habits make it an attractive landscape species. The leaves are used for thatching, mats, baskets, fans, hats, umbrellas, and as writing material.
এবিধ নাৰিকলৰ দৰে গছ৷ ইয়াৰ পাতেৰে বিচনী কৰা হয়৷
English: palmyra palmBorassus flabellifer
Assamese: তাল
Dimasa: tal

old=Old / Obsolete Use; pfx=Prefix; phr=Phrase; sci=Scientific; sfx=Postfix/Suffix; xp=Xobdo Prescribed; in=Indian English; uk=British English; us=American English; bo=Borpetia; da=Darangiya; gp=Goalporia; km=Kamrupia; la=Lower Assam; mc=used by Muslim Community / Islamic; sim=Simplified Spelling; tt=used by Tea Tribes; ua=Upper Assam; cb=Cachari Bengali; syl=Sylhati;

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