enhancingEnhydris enhydris

Enhydra fluctuans Lour.sci (English) [ IPA: [Enhydra] [fluctuans] [Lour]. ASM: এনহাইড্ৰা ফ্লাকচ ল’ৰ]
Contributed by: Pramathesh Borkotoky(প্ৰমথেশ বৰকটকী) on 2008-08-13
1. (Common Noun) A semi-aquatic herbaceous plant. This is a prostate herb with sessile, opposite, linear-oblong leaves, 1-3 inches long. It is a very useful as medicinal herb by ethnic tribes in the North Eastern region, Bengal, Bihar, Bangladesh. It is known as "Helencha" in Bengali, "Harkuch" in Hindi, "Rurari" by the Shyam tribe of Assam. Leaves are demulcent, laxative, antibilious and cure inflammations, bronchitis, biliousness, leucoderma and other skin affections and nervous diseases. It is also reported as anti-diabetic. Moreover, it also possesses nutritional value.