Flea Tree (English) [ IPA: ˈfliː ˈtriː ASM: ফ্লিয়া ট্ৰি]
Contributed by: Atul Ch. Kakoti on 2009-05-24
1. Tree(Common Noun-Common &/or Masculine) The Albizia lebbeck tree is used for shadow, specially in the tea garden. It is often simply called "siris" though this name may refer to any locally common member of the genus. It is a tree growing to a height of 18-30 m tall with a trunk 50 cm to 1 m in diameter. The leaves are bipinnate, 7.5–15 cm long, with one to four pairs of pinnae, each pinna with 6–18 leaflets. The flowers are white, with numerous 2.5–3.8 cm long stamens, and very fragrant. The fruit is a pod 15-30 cm long and 2.5-5.0 cm broad, containing six to twelve seeds. এডাল পুলুঙা পাতল ঠালঠেঙুলি থকা গছ৷ সাধাৰণতে চাহ বাগানত ছাঁ দিবৰ বাবে এই বিধ গছ ৰোৱা হয় ৷