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Hawaiian hibiscus (English)
Contributed by: Tapan K Sarma(তপন কুমাৰ শৰ্মা) on 2015-11-05
1. Tree(Common Noun-Common) Hibiscus arnottianus is a shrub or small tree generally 15 to 20 feet in height though a few individuals will grow to 30 feet tall. These specimens can be up to 20 feet in diameter. Individual plants vary in appearance from open and airy to compact. The leaves are oval with a smooth upper surface and smooth or slightly toothed edges. The leaves are 4 to 6 inches long and often have red veins and stems. প্ৰায় ১৫-২০ ফুট ওখ, ডাঙৰ পাতৰ (৪-৬ ইঞ্চিৰ) বগা ফুল ফুলা গছ৷