Pongamia pinnata (English)
Contributed by: Rhitwik Borthakur on 2016-08-24
Ref: হেমকোষ - ১০ম সংস্কৰণ (১৯৯৮ চন)
1. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Common) A species of tree in the pea family, native to the Indian peninsula. Its wood being of inferior quality, is mostly used as firewood, posts, tool handles, etc. The oil and residue of this tree is toxic. Harmful for humans if ingested. But, its fruits, sprouts and seeds find use in Ayurvedic remedies. Abundantly found along river banks. Massively planted along highways as most animals like cows, goats etc abstain from eating the sapling. এবিধ গছ