Tekeli Pitha (English) [ IPA: Tekeli Pitha ASM: টেকেলি পিঠা]
Contributed by: Anjal Borah (অঞ্জল বৰা) on 2009-11-19
1. Cuisine-Food(Material Noun-Neuter) Rice flour of Xaali saul (sunned rice) and Bora saul is mixed with coconut, sugar. A earthenware, half filled up with water is set on a hearth. A neat clothe is placed on the beam of the pitcher and the flour mixture is put in it. Now the beam is covered with a cork and fire is set in the hearth. The substance is baked with the heat of vapor comes from inside the pitcher and subsequently takes a shape. Now it is cut into pieces like a cake and served with tea. This pitha is so called because a tekeli (earthenware) is used in it. টেকেলি এটাৰ ভিতৰত গৰম পানী ভৰাই ওপৰৰ পিনে কোনো বাচন ৰাখি পানীৰ ভাপত চাউলৰ গুৰি, গুৰ, নাৰিকলেৰে বনোৱা এবিধ পিঠা৷
English: Tekeli Pitha,
Assamese: টেকেলি পিঠা

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