trichomeTrichosanthes cucumerina L.

Trichosanthes anguina L. (English) [ IPA: [Trichosanthes] [anguina] ˈel. ASM: [ট্ৰিচুচানথিচ] [এনগ]
Contributed by: Michel H. Porcher on 2012-05-02
1. Vegetables(Common Noun) This vegetable produces long and curved fruits that appear like snakes hanging on the supports or ground. This subtropical plant grows very fast in warm climates and produces lots of fruits for a long time. It is best to grow this vine plant along the supports for obtaining young straight fuits. Young fruits are harvested and cooked like Luffa. Seed has hard coat and may take a long time to germinate. There are several varieties with different fruit skin and length grown in Asia. An interesting plant for home garden and fresh market. এবিধ সাপৰ দৰে লতা জাতিয় খাদ্য ফল৷