Veld grape (English) [ IPA: ˈvelt ˈgreɪp ASM: ভেল্ড গ্ৰেপ]
Contributed by: Biraj Kumar Kakati on 2009-07-13
1. Plants(Common Noun) It is a medicinal plant that has been customarily used in the Indian subcontinent to hasten the process of healing in bone fractures. The plant grows throughout India, especially, in hotter regions and in Sri Lanka, The tendril climber has quadrangular stems with ridges. The stems are often leafless, when old. Few aerial roots arise from the joined nodes and grow towards the soil, The leaves are small, simple, heart-shaped and toothed. The flowers are small, greenish white, in short cymes. The fruits are globose or ovoid berries, red when ripe. এবিধ সৰু দীঘলীয়া পাতেৰে লতা; তাক খুন্দি বান্ধি দিলে হাত ভৰিৰ ভগা হাড় যোৰা খায় বুলি কয় ৷