eastEast Indian tobaco

east indian almond (English) [ IPA: ˈiːst ˈɪndiːən ˈɑmənd ASM: ইষ্ট ইণ্ডিয়ান এলমণ্ড]
Contributed by: Priyankoo (প্ৰিয়ংকু) on 2007-11-24
1. (Common Noun-Common) Large trees of the flowering plant family, Combretaceae distributed in tropical regions of the world. Its extracts have antifungal, antibacterial, anti-cancer and hepatoprotective indications. Because of these properties it is popular as a building material. অসমকে ধৰি দক্ষিণ-পূৱ এছিয়াৰ হাবিত পোৱা এবিধ ওখ,ডাঙৰ কাঠ গছ৷