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human sacrifice (English) [ IPA: ˈhjuːmən ˈsækrəˌfaɪs ASM: হিউমন চেক্ৰিফাইচ]
Contributed by: Kulendra Daulagupu on 2009-09-10
1. (Abstract Noun) Human sacrifice is the act of killing human beings as part of a religious ritual. Its typology closely parallels and resembles the various practices of ritual slaughter of animals (animal sacrifice) and of religious sacrifice in general. Human sacrifice has been practiced in various cultures throughout history. it was even in vogue during the early periods of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. Victims were typically ritually killed in a manner that was supposed to please or appease gods or spirits. Closely related practices found in some tribal societies are cannibalism and headhunting.
English: human sacrifice,
Assamese: নৰবলি,
Dimasa: bandai daingbah