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1. HistorialAhom Dynasty(Proper Noun) A double-storied royal pavilion of Ahom kings with unique architectural features (Lat. 26°58’ N Long. 94° 41’ E).
English: Rangghar,
Assamese: ৰংঘৰ,
Tai: চ ৰেণ

2. HistorialAhom Dynasty(Proper Noun) A moidam is an earthen pyramid. The practice of building moidams over the graves of the dead had been in vogue in Assam during the Ahom dynasty’s rule between 1228 and 1826.
English: Moidam,
Assamese: মৈদাম,
Dimasa: moidam

3. HistorialAhom DynastyPlace(Proper Noun) Saraighat is a place near Guwahati in Assam, on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra. Sarai was a small village where the old abandoned N.F. Railway station of Amingaon was located. The famous Battle of Saraighat was fought near this place on the river. There is a road-cum-rail bridge over the river Brahmaputra joining the north & the south banks at Saraighat. This bridge is the first bridge on river Brahmaputra in Assam.
English: Saraighat,
Assamese: শৰাইঘাট,
Bodo: सोराईघाट

4. PersonalitiesHistorialAhom Dynasty(Proper Noun-Masculine) the first Ahom king in medieval Assam, was the founder of the Ahom kingdom. A Tai prince originally from Mong Mao, the kingdom he established in 1228 existed for nearly six hundred years and in the process unified the various tribal and non-tribal peoples of the region that left a deep impact on the region. In reverence to his position in Assam's history the honorific Chaolung is generally associated with his name (Chao: lord; Lung: great). Since 1996 December 2 has been celebrated in Assam as the Sukaphaa Divas, or Asom Divas (Assam Day), to commemorate the advent of the first king of the Ahom kingdom in Assam after his journey over the Patkai Hills. ৬০০ বছৰীয়া আহোম ৰাজত্বৰ প্ৰথম ৰজা আৰু আহোম ৰাজত্বৰ প্ৰতিষ্ঠাতা৷ অসমৰ সকলো জাতি-জনজাতিক একগোট কৰি ছ্যুকাফাই অসমীয়া এটা সৱল জাতি হিচাপে প্ৰতিষ্ঠিত কৰিছিল৷ ছ্যুকাফা তাই বা থাই গোষ্ঠীৰ ’শান’ সকলৰ বংশধৰ৷ আহোমৰ আদিপুৰুষ লেংডনৰ আজোনাতি চাও চাং ন্যেওৰ পুত্ৰ৷ ১২২৮ চনৰ ১৬ আঘোণৰ দিনা ছ্যুকাফা অসম সোমায়৷ মৃত্যু ১২৬৮ চনত৷
English: Chaolung Sukaphaa, Chaolung Syu Ka Pha, sukapha, Sukaphaa,
Assamese: চাওলুং চুকাফা, চুকাফা, ছ্যুকাফা

5. Ahom Dynasty(Common Noun-Common) The chief employee of a king or nobleman ৰজা বা ডাঙৰ লোকৰ প্ৰধান কৰ্মচাৰী
English: steward,
Assamese: দেৱান

6. Ahom Dynasty(Proper Adj.-Common) They are one of the largest Tai tribes. Real name is Tai-Aiton. They have their own language but are gradually becoming bilingual and the language is on the verge of extinction. They are Buddhists and their main settlement is in the eastern part of the present-day Golaghat district. এইসকল বৃহত্তৰ টাই জনগোষ্ঠীৰ অন্যতম ফৈদ; প্ৰকৃত নাম টাই-আইটন৷ নিজস্ব ভাষা আছে যদিও ক্ৰমশঃ দ্বিভাষী হৈ পৰিছে আৰু নিজস্ব ভাষা লুপ্ত হোৱাৰ পথত৷ বৌদ্ধ ধৰ্মীয় এইসকল লোকৰ প্ৰধান বসতি স্থান হ`ল বৰ্তমানৰ গোলাঘাট জিলাৰ পূব অঞ্চল৷
Assamese: আইটনীয়া