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1. Algebra(Verb-Trans.) to receive or obtain from a source or origin
English: derive,
Assamese: নিৰ্ণয় কৰ্, বাহিৰ কৰ্, সামাধান কৰ্,
Khasi: ioh

2. AlgebraIn mathematics, a function f {\displaystyle f} defined on some set X {\displaystyle X} with real or complex values... from
English: bounded function,
Assamese: সীমিত ফলন

3. AlgebraIn elementary algebra, a trinomial is a polynomial consisting of three terms or monomials. == Examples of trinomial expressions == 3 x + 5 y... from
English: trinomial,
Assamese: ত্ৰিপদ

4. AlgebraIn geometry and algebra, the triple product is a product of three 3-dimensional vectors, usually Euclidean vectors. The name "triple product" is used for two different products, the scalar-valued scalar... from
English: scalar triple product, triple product, vector triple product,
Assamese: ত্ৰিপূৰণ, ভেক্টৰ ত্ৰিপূৰণ, স্কেলাৰ ত্ৰিপূৰণ,
Bodo: थाम सानजाब