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1. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Neuter) plants of this species are found globally from Tropical Africa to Myanmar. In India, it is found throughout the plains and in the dry hills of the lower Himalayas . It uses as medicine dats back to sixth century before Christ, e.g; Oxymel of Squill, used for coughs, was invented by Pythagoras.
সৰু পিঞ্জৰ সমান গছ মাটিৰ তলত বগা লিখাটোক সমান গুটি লাগে পৌৰাণিক যুগৰ পৰাই ইয়াক দৰব হিচাবে ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি আহিছে৷
English: Urginea Indica,
Assamese: ঢেঁকিফুল, বন-নহৰু, বন-পিয়াঁজ,

2. Medicinal Plants(Material Noun-Neuter) Oroxylum indicum is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Bignoniaceae, commonly called midnight horror, oroxylum, kampong, or Indian trumpet flower. It is a tree which can reach a height of 12 metres.
সৰাল পাতৰ মজলীয়া আকাৰৰ থিয় গছ৷ ৬-৮ মিটাৰ ওখ হয়৷ পাত যৌগিক ৯০ -১৫০ ছেণ্টিমিটাৰ দীঘল,মূল পক্ষল ৫ - ৭ যোৰ, মাখিপাত অসংখ্য।
English: Broken Bones Tree, Indian Trumpet, Oroxylum indicum, Tree of Damocles,
Assamese: ডিংডিঙা, ডিঙৰি, ভাতঘিলা,

3. Medicinal Plants(Proper Noun-Neuter) Buckwheat is a plant cultivated for its grain-like seeds, and also used as a cover crop. To distinguish it from a related species, Fagopyrum tataricum that is also cultivated as a grain in the Himalayas.
হিমালয়ৰ পাদদেশত আৰু হিমালয়ত খুব খেতি কৰে, ইয়াৰ পাত পাচলিৰ নিচিনা খাব পাৰি, কেচায়ো খাব পাৰি, ইয়াত ৰুটিন পদাৰ্থ থকাৰ বাবে স্বাস্থ্য কৰ, গুটি কেচাই বা ৰান্ধি খাব পাৰি, গুটি ৰাতি পানীত ভিজাই ৰাখি, গাজ ওলিয়াই চালাড হিচাবে খাব পাৰি, ইয়াক খুন্দি গুৰি কৰি, পিঠা, নুদুল, ব্ৰেড, বা অন্য হিচাপে খাব পাৰে, ইয়াৰ গুৰি চাবোন বনাবলৈকো ব্যৱহাৰ কৰে৷ ভিটামিন বি ৬ সমৃদ্ধ ইয়াৰ গুৰিৰ পৰা উকৃষ্ট বিয়েৰ বনাব পাৰি।
English: Buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum,
Assamese: ধেমচি শাক,

4. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Common) Chromolaena odorata is a tropical and subtropical species of flowering shrub in the sunflower family. It is native to North America, from Florida and Texas to Mexico and the Caribbean, and has been introduced to South America, tropical Asia, west Africa, and parts of Australia. Common names include Siam weed, Christmas bush, devil weed, camfhur grass, common floss flower and triffid.
সৰু জোপোহা ফুল ফুলা গছ, পাত মোহাৰি ৰস বোৰ কটা ঘাঁত ব্যৱহাৰ কৰে৷
English: camfhur grass, Christmas bush, Chromolaena odorata, common floss flower, devilweed, Eupatorium odoratum, Siam weed, triffid,
Assamese: জাৰ্মানী বন,

5. Medicinal Plants(Proper Noun-Neuter) A plant of the genus Parkia in the family Fabaceae. It bears long, flat edible beans with bright green seeds the size and shape of plump almonds which have a rather peculiar smell.
মণিপুৰ আৰু ব্ৰহ্মদেশত পোৱা এবিধ দীঘল উৰহী৷
English: Parkia speciosa, Petai,
Assamese: ইয়ংচাক, খৰিয়াল, মণিপুৰী উৰহী,

6. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Common) A species of tree in the pea family, native to the Indian peninsula. Its wood being of inferior quality, is mostly used as firewood, posts, tool handles, etc. The oil and residue of this tree is toxic. Harmful for humans if ingested. But, its fruits, sprouts and seeds find use in Ayurvedic remedies. Abundantly found along river banks. Massively planted along highways as most animals like cows, goats etc abstain from eating the sapling.
এবিধ গছ
English: Indian beech, Millettia pinnata, Pongamia pinnata,
Assamese: কৰচ গছ,

7. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Neuter) Justicia gendarussa, commonly known as willow-leaved justicia, is a small erect, branched shrub, endemic to India. It is useful in asthma, rheumatism and colics of children. It may have the potential to be the basis for a birth control pill for men.
সৰু পাতযুক্ত ঔষধি গছ৷
English: Jasticia gendarussa, willow-leaved justicia,
Assamese: তিতাখাৰি, তিতাবাহক,

8. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Neuter) Euphorbia hirta is medicinal herb used to treat many diseases like ... Dudhi, Dugdhika, kshira in Sanskrit due to its milky sap.
সৰু শাক জাতীয় উদ্ভিদ৷ দৰবত লাগে৷
English: Euphorbia hirta, Milky herb,
Assamese: গাখীৰতী,

9. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Neuter) Myriactis is a genus of flowering plants in the aster tribe within the sunflower family.
সৰু শাক জাতীয় উদ্ভিদ৷ দৰবত লাগে৷
English: Myriactis javanica,
Assamese: বাবৰি, বালি বাবৰি,

10. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Neuter) Spermacoce hispida Linn is one of the important plant belonging to the family of Rubiaceae and is commonly used herb in siddha medicine.
এবিধ ঔষধত লগা সৰু পাত যুক্ত উদ্ভিদ৷
English: Shaggy button weed, Spermacoce hispida,
Assamese: বৰালিবুকুৱা,

11. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Common &/or Masculine) A medicinal plant, from the skin of this plant the medicine of malaria, Quinine, is made
ই এবিধ ঔষধি গছ যাৰ ছালৰ পৰা মেলেৰিয়াৰ ঔষধ কুইনাইন তৈয়াৰ কৰা হয়৷
English: chincona,
Assamese: চিনকোনা,

12. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Common &/or Masculine) A medicinal pant of basil class
সৰু ক` বৰণৰএবিধ তুলসী জাতীয় ঔষধি গছ
English: hyptis suaveolens,
Assamese: তোকমা,

13. Medicinal Plants(Common Noun-Common) aromatic leaves of a plant of the mint family.
সুগন্ধিযুক্ত পদিনা
English: peppermint,