Bhatiyali (English) [ IPA: bhatiyali ASM: ভটিয়ালি]
Contributed by: Pankaj Borah (পঙ্কজ বৰা) on 2008-07-07
1. (Proper Noun-Neuter) Bhatiyali is a traditional folk song found to be sung in a specific mode by the people from East Bengal to lower Assam, noted for its long-drawn notes. In riverine Bangladesh, boatmen spent a lot of time in their boats. While sailing downstream, they had plenty of leisure to sing comfortably in the drawn out and elevated notes characteristic of the bhatiyali. This is also one of the classical 'ragas', which has been used by Mohapurux Srimanta Sankardev in Borgeet. পূৰ্ব বংগৰ পৰা নামনি অসমলৈকে প্ৰচলিত এক প্ৰকাৰৰ লোক সংগীত;নাৱৰীয়া সকলে নাওঁ চলাই যাওঁতে গায় |শ্ৰীমন্ত শঙ্কৰদেৱ আৰু মাধৱদেৱৰ বৰগীতত ব্যৱহৃত এবিধ শাস্ত্ৰীয় ৰাগ |
English: Bhatiyali,
Assamese: ভাটিয়ালী

Contributed by: Atul Ch. Kakoti on 2011-04-16
2. Music(Proper Noun-Neuter) One of the Indian musical mode. ভাৰতীয় সংগীতৰ এটা ৰাগ।
English: Bhatiyali,
Assamese: ভাটীয়ালি