Chalcides ocellatus (English) [ IPA: Chalcides ocellatus ASM: চাল্চিডিচ অচিলাটুচ]
Contributed by: Kulendra Daulagupu on 2009-08-16
1. Reptile(Common Noun-Common) Chalcides ocellatus is a member of Scincidae, the largest 'family' of extant lizards. Chalcides ocellatus, the ocellated or eyed skink or 'gongilo', occurs in southern Europe, northwest Africa, and western Asia. It is also found in Assam and North East India. Ocellated skinks inhabit a variety of habitats in which sandy ground is present -- coastal areas, among dunes, in vineyards or olive groves -- and may shelter in crevices in dry stone walls, holes in the ground, and matted undergrowth. They can even be found in ruins, such as the Acropolis, and garbage dumps.