Joimoti (English)
Contributed by: Tapan K Sarma(তপন কুমাৰ শৰ্মা) on 2015-12-18
1. Art and Culture(Proper Noun-Neuter) The first Assamese film made. It was released on 10 March 1935, Based on Lakshminath Bezbaroa`s play about the 17th-century Ahom princess Soti Joymoti, the film was produced and directed by the noted Assamese poet, author, and film-maker Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, and starred Aideu Handique and acclaimed stage actor and playwright Phani Sarma. The film, shot between 1933 and 1935,[1] was released by Chitralekha Movietone in 1935 and marked the beginning of Assamese cinema. প্ৰথম অসমীয়া চলচিত্ৰ৷(১০৩৫চন) প্ৰযোজক, পৰিচালক- জ্যোতিপ্ৰসাদ আগৰৱালা৷ কাহিনী- লক্ষ্মীনাথ বেজবৰুৱা৷
English: Joimoti, Joymoti,
Assamese: জয়মতী