LN (English) [ IPA: [IPA] ASM: এলএন]
Contributed by: Tapan K Sarma(তপন কুমাৰ শৰ্মা) on 2014-10-27
1. Political Science(Proper Noun-Neuter) The League of Nations (abbreviated as LN in English, "Société des Nations" abbreviated as SDN in French) was an intergovernmental organisation founded on 10 January 1920 as a result of the Paris Peace Conference that ended the First World War প্ৰথম বিশ্বযুদ্ধৰ পাছত বিভিন্ন দেশ লগহৈ ১৯২০চনৰ ১০জানুৱাৰীত জাতিসংঘ গঠন হয়৷