Mithilamithun rashi

Mithun (English) [ IPA: mithun ASM: মিথুন]
Contributed by: Benjamin Kaman on 2010-02-08
1. (Common Noun-Common) the domesticated free-range bovine species, is an important component of the livestock production system of North-Eastern hilly region of India. This unique bovine species is believed to be domesticted more than 8000 years ago. উত্তৰ পূব ভাৰতত পোৱা গৰু জাতীয় প্ৰাণী। ৮০০০ বছৰৰৰ আগেয়ে পোহমনা জন্তু বুলি বিশ্বাস।
English: Bos frontalissci , gayal, Mithun,
Assamese: মেঠোন

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a. Common Noun-Common: bison, gavaus gaurus, বনগৰু, মেঠন, মেঠোন...

mithun (Nagamese)
Contributed by: Mousumi Konwar on 2023-07-03
2. Animal(Common Noun-Common) The wild group and the domesticated group are sometimes considered separate species, with the wild gaur called Bibos gauris or Bos gaurus, and the domesticated gayal called Bos frontalis Lambert. To the Apatani, Nishi and Adi people of Arunachal Pradesh (India), the possession of gaur is the traditional measure of a family's wealth. এবিধ বনৰীয়া গৰু
English: bison, gavaus gaurussci ,
Assamese: বনগৰু, মেঠন, মেঠোন,
Bodo: मैसो,
Mising: aus,
Khasi: u masi prut,
Garo: marong,
Nagamese: methon, mithun,
Dimasa: mithang,
Deori: মেতু

Related Idea:

a. Common Noun-Common: Bos frontalis, gayal, Mithun, মেঠোন...