anti-incumbency (English) [ IPA: anti-incumbency ASM: এণ্টি-ইনকেমবেনন্সী]
Contributed by: Pankaj Borah (পঙ্কজ বৰা) on 2011-03-24
1. Abstract Noun(Abstract Noun) An anti-incumbent vote is one exercised against elected officials currently in power. It allows the voters to register their discontent with sitting government officials, particularly when protesting against certain actions taken by the government or the elected officials in question. শাসনত থকা চৰকাৰ বা পদাধিকাৰীৰ বিৰুদ্ধে দিয়া ভোট বা গঢ়ি উঠা জনমত