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clap (English) [ IPA: ˈklæp ASM: ক্লেপ]
Contributed by: ৰূপকমল on 2007-07-13
1. (Verb-Intran.) to strike the palms of (one's hands) against one another resoundingly, and usually repeatedly, esp. to express approval হাতৰ তলুৱা দুখন পৰস্পৰে খুন্দিয়া-খুন্দি কৰি বাৰে-বাৰে শব্দ কৰা, বিশেষকৈ সন্মতি প্ৰকাশ কৰিবলৈ

Contributed by: Bikram M Baruah on 2007-07-13
2. (Abstract Noun) the act of making sound by repeatedly hitting one hand with another (as a applause)