defecate (English) [ IPA: ˈdefɪˌkeɪt ASM: ডেফেকেট]
Contributed by: Aklantika Saikia on 2011-04-11
Ref: হেমকোষ - ১২শ সংস্কৰণ (২০০৬ চন)
1. (Verb-Intran.) To pass solid or semi-solid waste matter from the body

Contributed by: Dr. Armaan U. Muzaddadi on 2015-10-13
2. (Verb-Trans.) to defecate in small quantities normally by small child or infants. সৰু ল`ৰা-ছোৱালীয়ে কমকৈ মলত্যাগ কৰা কাৰ্য৷
English: defecate,
Assamese: তিৰিক্