Dictionary entry: defecate(Language: English; IPA: ˈdefɪˌkeɪt; Assamese: ডেফেকেট)

Meaning 1:(Verb-Intran.) To pass solid or semi-solid waste matter from the body

Related Ideas:
1. dejection excrement excreta faeces feces

Meaning 2:(Verb-Trans.) to defecate in small quantities normally by small child or infants.
সৰু ল`ৰা-ছোৱালীয়ে কমকৈ মলত্যাগ কৰা কাৰ্য৷
English: defecate
Assamese: তিৰিক্

old=Old / Obsolete Use; pfx=Prefix; phr=Phrase; sci=Scientific; sfx=Postfix/Suffix; xp=Xobdo Prescribed; in=Indian English; uk=British English; us=American English; bo=Borpetia; da=Darangiya; gp=Goalporia; km=Kamrupia; la=Lower Assam; mc=used by Muslim Community / Islamic; sim=Simplified Spelling; tt=used by Tea Tribes; ua=Upper Assam; cb=Cachari Bengali; syl=Sylhati;

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