dimple (English) [ IPA: ˈdɪmpəl ASM: ডিম্পল]
Contributed by: Rubul Mout (ৰুবুল মাউত) on 2006-08-01
1. (Material Noun-Neuter) a relative low on a plane solid surface
English: depression, dimple, dip,
Assamese: পোটোকা

Contributed by: Anjali Sonowal on 2009-06-15
2. (Material Noun-Neuter) a small hollow place in the skin, specially in the cheek or chin . হাঁহোতে গালত পৰা ভাঁজ বা পোটোকা, গালৰ খোৰ ।
English: dimple,
Assamese: গণ্ডকূপ