hypothesis (English) [ IPA: haɪˈpɑθəsəs ASM: হাইপথেচিচ]
Contributed by: Dr. Neelotpal Deka, LL.M. (IT & IP Law, UK) on 2007-06-27
1. (Abstract Noun) A guess or idea put forward for the sake of argument. যুক্তিৰ খাতিৰত ডাঙি ধৰা এক ধাৰণা।

Contributed by: Prasanta Borah (প্ৰশান্ত বৰা) on 2007-06-27
2. (Abstract Noun) A new scientific idea to be established by proof. A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation. Something taken to be true for the purpose of argument or nvestigation; an assumption. প্ৰমানেৰে স্থিৰ কৰিবলগা ।