jubu blatingjubu grang-gisim

jubu garang gisim (Dimasa) [ Roman: ju.bu ga.rang. gee.sim]
Contributed by: Anuj J Phonglosa on 2010-02-11
1. Reptile(Common Noun-Common) a large poisonous snake, that inhabits grassy plains and sparse woodlands from southern Sudan southward to the Cape Peninsula in South Africa. It is the most common and most widespread snake belonging to the Elapidae, or cobra family. Adults average 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 meters); individuals may grow to more than 8 feet (1.4 meters). It will attack with their venomous bite. While they will warn anything that is irritating it, they will strike quickly if the warning isn't heeded. এবিধ ক’লা-বৰণীয় ফেঁটী সাপ