kimkrai (Dimasa)
Contributed by: Kulendra Daulagupu on 2009-08-17
1. Plants(Common Noun) It is a species in the family Clusiaceae. The plant is named after the heaviness of its timber and cultivated in tropical climates for its form, foliage, and fragrant flowers. It is native to tropical Sri Lanka, India, southern Nepal, Indochina, and the Malay Peninsula. শ্ৰীলঙ্কা, ভাৰত, দক্ষিণ নেপাল, ইন্দোচীন আৰু মালয়েছিয়াত পোৱা ক্লুছিয়েচি পৰিয়ালৰ এবিধ সুগন্ধি ফুলযুক্ত উদ্ভিদ৷