ladu-sibling (Dimasa)
Contributed by: Kulendra Daulagupu on 2012-05-05
1. Cuisine-Food(Material Noun-Neuter) Sesame seeds are fried and kept aside.Jaggery is heated to liquefy and then poured in the heap of fried sesame seeds.They get sticky and the substance is rolled into small balls and kept separately to dry.These balls are called Tilor laru (Sesame seed balls) and are served with tea. তিল আৰু গুৰ গৰম কৰি সৰু সৰু লাডু কৰা এবিধ অসমীয়া মিঠাই৷
English: Tilor laru,
Assamese: তিলৰ লাড়ু,
Dimasa: ladu-sibling