Dictionary entry: manure(Language: English; IPA: məˈnʊr; Assamese: মেনুৰ)

Meaning 1:(Material Noun) A substance mixed in soil to assist a plant grow healthy
গছ-গছনিৰ শ্ৰীবৃদ্ধিৰ বাবে মাটিত দিয়া দ্ৰব্য৷

English: manure fertilizer
Assamese: সাৰ
Bodo: हासार
Karbi: aser ho-or ajo anuwe aho-or
Hindi: खाद
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Meaning 2:(Material Noun) Animal excreta used as manure

English: dung manure
Assamese: গোবৰ গু বিষ্ঠা
Mising: taye
Karbi: hi
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