Dictionary entry: nun(Language: English; IPA: ˈnən; Assamese: নান)

Meaning 1:(Common Noun) a female ascetic who lives by certain vows and spends her life in prayer and contemplation in a monastery or convent

English: nun
Assamese: সন্যাসিনী
Meeteilon: lamboibi
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Related Ideas:
1. monk ঋষি চতুৰ্থাশ্ৰমী দৰবেছ ফকিৰ

Meaning 2:(Common Noun) a female member of a religious group, especially a nun.
খ্ৰীষ্টিয়ান-সকলৰ সেৱিকা৷

English: nun sister
Assamese: ছিষ্টাৰ
Karbi: sistar
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